HCG Testimonials

Here are some of the comments made by successful customers who completed the HCG Weight loss program.

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Our latest testimonials…

I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance during my second round of the HCG diet. I wanted to say it was much easier and I felt like I gained much more support this time around.  I am much closer to my goal weight after a grand total of 23kilo loss over the two diets. I have lost 4.5 cm around my neck and arm, 13cm around my chest, 29.5 around my waist, 18cm from my hips and 19cm from my thigh. I feel so much better within myself and have a much healthier approach to food. It actually forced me to be quite creative with flavours in my cooking and has given me a new appreciatio for food. I am happier and more confident after my weight had spiralled me into a very unhealthy depression. I plan on focusing on a healthy lifestyle to help me shed the last few kilos til I reach my goal weight. The diet was hard and very emotional the first time around and it does massively affect your scoial life but in saying that, overal it is a small price to pay for such quick and dramatic results. I have more energy and I am constantly being told how beautiful I look. I am not yet where I need to be but thank goodness I am not where I used to be. 


J. C. 

What a wonderful result in such a short time. You can accept congratulations but you really cant  accept a “well done” for there is absolutely no effort required on your part.  You don’t feel deprived simply as the appetite is so suppressed. It is a diet in which there is no need to count the days for without the feeling of being deprived the thought does not occur to watch a calendar.  It is so wonderful and surprising easy that its hard to believe initially. Beware of chemicals  as I simply used natural dishwashing liquid and tea tree oil deodorant and that was enough to stall the weight loss and that was in addition to using no makeup at all. Thanks to the whole team for the weekly check ups and answering the endless questions I  had. Wonderful result and not for one minute do you feel you are alone as you have the support and attention of a most wonderful team.

C.M || Lost 26cm and 8 kg

I have lost a total of 8kg and 26cm all round . I found the HCG diet a blessing as I could not shift my stomach , looked like I was nine months pregnant . Now my tummy is flatter . Still have 10kg to go so I’m looking forward to my next round.

F.H || Lost 17 kg

In all I have lost 17kgs on HCG in 2 rounds. In R1 in Oct 2012 lost 13.5 and stabilised at 2kgs above last dose weight. I started R2 seven months later and lost another 6 kgs. R2 was not ideal as I was travelling overseas so there were a few challenges and days where diet did not go to plan. However, by shopping at local supermarkets and doing all my own food, it was still doable most days. I certainly would not recommend this way of doing it though! Stabilising was harder this time for the same reason but I seem to have landed at 1.5 kgs above last weight. My body shape is completely different, I have loads of energy and the process proved to me that I am reactive to certain foods – not just in terms of weight gain, but also inflammation. Very limited grains and eggs for me from now on. I have had to do more correction days this time but I put this down to the bad start due to travel upsetting the eating/sleeping/activity schedule. I thought R2 might be harder psychologically but I found it easy and just got on with it. Energy levels were pretty good right from the start. There was less detoxing because diet has been very clean after R1. By the way, I am female, 53 and post-menopausal. I will probably doing R3 to reach goal weight. I like to exercise, but, I like that the HCG takes weight off and creates a new stable weight without relying on intense exercise to increase metabolism. This should mean once I am at my goal weight, I can just use exercise to help keep me there rather than my body having to work really hard all the time to lose weight.


E.L || Lost 7 kg

I’ve learned so much about my new healthy body image and intent to maintain my new weight. At the end of my 5 weeks, I’ve done some research on why is important to had burnt 7 kg of excess body weight I’d been carrying around for 12 months and will maintain my reached ideal weight on 53 kg. Thanks to the will power I’ve developed by following the strict and non-flexible HCG Diet Plan.

The plan is four times more expensive than the 100% hormone-free HCG Diets sold in QLD, however, the HCG Diet Plan sold at The Compounding Pharmacy Australia does work! Thanks to Kim and her TCPA team.

I’ve customised the diet to suit my digestion and fat burning needs:



Waist to Hip Ratio = 0.78 (0.80 or below low risk of diabetes, coronary disease, high blood pressure)
BMI = 19.71 (Normal 18.5 to 24.9 Body Mass Index is the weight in relation to height)
BMR = 1228.70 Basal Metabolic Rate.
Body Fat % = 25.98% (Acceptable 25-31%). (Fitness 21-24%). (Obese 32+ %).

I have an abundance of energy since the beginning of phase 1 but only until the end of transition phase I joined a gym.

Thank you again for the new me :-)


                    Before HCG                                          After HCG


A.W || Lost 69cm and 14 kg

Thank you for the HCG diet.  In 40 days I have lost 14kg and 69cm. It was so simple and relatively easy to do especially as my husband was also doing it but now we are heading into maintenance which feels scary as the boundaries are not as well defined. Hopefully we have reset our weight point & will be able to maintain our new figures from here on. Thanks again for the amazing diet and support.

K.T || Lost 8 kg

The diet works, it requires commitment but it definitely works.  I found myself listless and irritated in the first week, I paid the price for my bad habits and the detox hit me hard.  After week 1, I found a rhythm, I looked forward to my daily weigh in and the continuous loss kept me motivated.  By week three I was back into clothes I hadn’t worn for sometime, people were noticing and I had renewed confidence in myself. The team at Compounding Chemist responded promptly to questions, reassured with their answers and encouraged me with their suggestions.  I lost just over 8kgs and am now on my way to sustaining the loss and enjoying the new me.

R.F || Lost 10.3 kg

I am very happy with the outcome of my HCG diet. I’ve lost 10.3kgs in 40 days and I’ve been maintaining my loss so far… I should need to lose more kilos and I definitely will repeat the HCG Diet as soon as possible.

The support was fantastic and my lifestyle has dramatically changed (in better!!) since I started the diet. I strongly recommend to take this opportunity to change your life and re-discover the beautiful and healthy YOU! Many thanks to Kim and her supportive Team.

A.K || Lost 14.5 kg

I have done the hcg diet for 40 days and I have lost 14.5 Kgs. I would highly recommend this diet to those who want to lose the weight or need that jump start to get them going. I was never hungry and it was easy to do. Definitely worth while trying the only thing you will lose is weight

B.W || Lost 11 kgs

I’ve just completed the HCG Diet and lost 11kgs. It was an easy diet to manage and simple to follow. The meals were a similar size to what my young children eat so I could still sit and eat with them.
The best thing for me on the HCG Diet was how healthy I felt. With consultation from my GP I was able to come off the long term Rheumatoid Arthritis medication that I had been on. It is such a great feeling to wake up each day feeling ready to jump out of bed and fit a million things into my day without a worry.


N.B || Lost 37 cm and 10.5 kg

The HCG DIET may be the most intensive  & most structured diet to date, BUT, it’s also the easiest one to do….In 30 days I lost 10.5kg’s & 37cm all round…..I feel absolutely fantastic and I am embracing my my new improved life



Found the HCG diet extremely easy

K. H || Lost 9.5 kg

I got some good results with HCG this round. I dropped 9.5 kilos and am starting into transition and re introducing foods. Ate a bit too much on the first day ( all healthy) and saw the scale jump up so am doing a correction day today, always trial and error! I actually wanted to let you know that I had my body fat percentages measured today and my Visceral Fat was only 2%  And muscle was at 48%! HCG really does work to target abnormal fat and preserve muscles.

T. W

In total I went from 62.5 to 56.7 over the 28 days. I have gone up to 57 kg. feeling great and can’t wait to start phase 2 in a couple of months.  A wonderful experience which I found easier that anything I have tried in the past.

MJM || Lost 22 kg

I heard about the HCG through a friend who helped me to start the program ( For this i am truly grateful as it has change my life totally) Since I have done this i got my Son, Sister, Mother and 3 Friends to start the program.I found the program to be easiest diet that i have been on and I have been on many hahahh! The funny thing about the diet was that in the first days I would get on the scales and think that they were broken then I thought that all the weight I lost was just water after 5 days and I lost 5kg I realised that my body was changing shape. The health befit to me was that the lost of weight was all fat as my Body Mass Index was 30.5 (Obese) at the start to 19 (Healthy for my age 48) after 40 days. I would recommend this to any with a weight problem especially men.

Anna || Lost more than 10 kgs

My reasons: Rapid weight loss, little or no hunger (due to being in ketosis), there is great constant support via email, and you can keep your weight off by following the clear & concise maintenance program. I feel great and am thrilled by my more than 10kg weight loss. I highly recommend the HCG Diet!

M.V || Lost 8 kgs

I am thrilled to have been recommended the HCG diet by my doctor as a means of a quick and effective start to weight loss. My decision to  succeed on this diet was prompted by the fact that For the past year I have been pre- diabetic and needed to lose 15 kilos. I have lost 8 kilos and will do the diet again in February to lose the remainder. I had no problems sticking to the diet and did not feel hungry or deprived at all. It’s a great diet as you see immediate results which helps motivate you to continue.

A.H || Lost 75 cm and 18 Kgs

What can I say – as well as my body being transformed, my whole life has changed!  I have never felt better or happier! At the completion of the HCG journey, I have lost more than 18 kilos and 75cm from my body!!!  I went from a size 14, which at times was snug, and am now a size 8!! It feels fantastic to go into a clothes shop and ask for an 8, instead of being judged that there are no clothes for you!!! I receive compliments, stares and cheeky comments every day and have been called ‘skinny’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘bombshell’ and the ‘vanishing wife.’

I decided to draw a line in the sand and make a change in my life for me – that’s why I started HCG.  The diet is easy and simple to follow and I always felt supported by Kim and her team throughout the whole journey.  The weight does just fall off you – you see it every day when you step on the scales!!! To really succeed, I found that I needed to be accountable – I told my husband and my son my starting weight – a number that no-one has ever known! I would have to answer to them every day about my weight and I didn’t want to disappoint them by failing!!!

However, I will state that you must be strong and have the will power of steel to be truly successful – that means no cheating and no more of your old ways.  You need to be 100% focussed and dedicated but ultimately, no more excuses!

This experience has been incredible and I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner – as a wife, mum, daughter and career person, I always put everyone else first and forgot about the most important person – ME!!!  I have wasted some much time and have been consumed with so much negative energy about my weight (‘I will start eating better tomorrow, what can I wear so I don’t look fat, which undies will hold my stomach in, I hate how I look’) but that has all stopped!

I am positive, energetic and cannot stop smiling – not only has my psychological state changed but my overall health too!  My blood pressure is lower, my joints are no longer under any strain and it’s just a whole lot easier to get around.  When I see my reflection in the mirror or window, I still cannot believe it’s me!  Even my husband said “there is nothing to you!”

I have thrown out all my old clothes, which is hugely uplifting and powerful!!!  I never want to be reminded about the old me and I never want those clothes as a fall back!  As Kate Moss famously stated, ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

If you truly want to make a change and start living life, the HCG diet is the only way to go and I promise, you will never look back!

F.A || Lost 30 inches and 13 kgs.

“Dear TCPA,

I would like to thank you for such a great product and system. I can’t believe it’s really possible. Losing 30 lbs (13.6 kgs) in 30 days!

I was forced into this diet by my sister because I was borderline diabetic, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, acid reflux and a fatty liver and was on 7 maintenance medications. She said it was because of my bad eating habits, being overweight and of course, some bad genetics. At 5′ 8″ I was around 192 lbs (87.1 kg). I needed something that will give me a jump-start into a healthy lifestyle and hopefully end up just maintaining what I started.

I stopped taking all my prescription medications during the diet and had a blood test done 5 days after my last dose of HCG. When I visited my doctor last week, he was amazed at the transformation. I looked healthier, my blood sugar was down to normal levels, my blood pressure although still a bit high has gone down drastically, my triglyceride levels also went down to normal, the results of my liver enzyme tests were also very encouraging. The only thing that got worse was my bad cholesterol count, it went up drastically (genetics my doctor said) so now I’m back to taking my statin drug. Not too bad, I went down from taking 7 medications to just 2. Looking thinner and healthier isn’t so bad either. I started at 192 lbs (87.1 kg with a 35 inch waistline) and ended at 160 lbs (72.6 kg with a 32 inch waistline) after 30 days.

During the diet, it was difficult trying to control cravings, especially for someone like me who loves sweets and fast food. The menu options on the HCG diet are also very limited and uninspiring. I must say I got sick of salad, soup and roast chicken because these were my main staples during the diet. I didn’t think I’d look forward to having the fruit for my snack because I rarely ate fruit before. There were plenty lot of times I just wanted to quit. The thing that kept me going though was looking at the scale every morning and seeing the pounds go away. A friend also advised not to look too far ahead, don’t count the weeks and just go through the diet one day at a time… it worked and I was able to finish.

It’s been 3 weeks since I finished the diet. I’ve increased my caloric intake to somewhere between 1500 and 2000 calories daily. Thanks to the diet, I’ve become used to being smarter with my food choices. I’ve cut down a lot on the carbs and now concentrate mostly on protein, vegetables, fruit and nuts. I may need another 6 months to want to eat salad again though. I’ve not only maintained my weight, I have also managed to lose a bit more. I’m now jumping between 156 and 160 lbs (70.8 – 73.6 kg) depending on how good I’ve been with my meals. I also lost 2 more inches on my waistline and now down to 30 inches. I’m back to the gym and trying to tone

I hope I’ll be able to keep this up but I wouldn’t be here if it were not for the HCG. Again, I thank you and all your staff for all your help and for your great product.

I’ve attached a before and after picture for you to see the results of my HCG journey.



Before HCG and After HCG

 || Lost 31.5cm and 9.5 kgs.

“My experience with the HCG weight loss protocol has been extremely positive. I never felt any hunger; I had my normal amounts of energy and found my focus ability at work was potentiated. The extreme pleasure that I derived from my daily weigh-ins could be heard throughout my workplace. It was exciting to feel my clothes become loose and to see my “old” figure revealed. My total loss was 9.5 kg and one month later I maintain 9 kg weight loss. A total of 31.5 cm overall has produced a light on size 10 figure. At 55, I feel great!”

KLR Before HCG



Grant K || Lost 65cm and 14.6 kg

“I can’t thank The Compounding Pharmacy Australia enough for introducing me to the HCG Diet. After trying many diets with varied success and always ending up worse off than when I started here is finally a diet that works very very well. At the end of 40 days I was 14 kgs lighter and have since lost another 1.5 kgs. It has changed my diet permanently. I no longer crave sugar and pastries. I now have a much healthier outlook on life. I have gone from XL shirts to Medium. 36 pants to 32 and so far have an overall loss of 65cm (23 cm around the belly). Many of the dishes I ate even whilst on the hormone are dishes that we will now have on a regular basis. It has reintroduced a whole range of food that I had simply got out of the habit of eating. I now look and feel great – all in just 5 weeks! It is almost surreal and I can’t begin to express my gratitude. I would recommend this diet to anyone who wanted to lose weight – for good.”

Grant K Before HCG

Grant K After HCG 

J.A || Lost  15 kg

“I heard about the HCG protocol through a friend who had lost a huge amount of weight in a few weeks, I was both amazed and dubious (was this too good to be true)? After struggling to lose weight for years, I figured it was worth looking into.
When I first came to see Kim Rumble, I was a mess. I had suffered from severe mood swings, depression and anxiety since having my first child (9 years), I was 25kg overweight and my self-esteem could not be lower.
Kim sat me down, listened to my rollercoaster ride of a story and recommended a course of action that began with seeing a hormone specialist. Kim was intuitive, encouraging, warm, supportive and as it turns out … Right!
I committed to the HCG protocol for 40 days. Initially it was challenging but with support just a phone call away, I made it through the first week and once the weight started coming off my enthusiasm grew. I lost 15kg but the most exciting side effect was in my emotional health. The depression lifted, my mood swings were dramatically reduced and I felt strong, focused and purposeful.
I waited two months with no weight gain at all, then I went on a second course of HCG for 30 days during which I lost another 9kg. So, twenty four kilos later, two more months down the track, it seems that my metabolism has been reset and my body resembles the one I had many years ago. Hooray!
The HCG protocol works but truly, the secret to success lies in the encouragement and support that Kim and her team at Mosman give. So to Kim I say thank you – for being a health professional that thinks outside the box, for providing a holistic service that the community really needs and for actually caring about your clients. Thanks for putting me on the path that changed my life.”

B.W || Lost 14 kg

“I first heard about the HCG diet in an article in the Villager magazine. It took my interest as I have been trying to lose the weight I put on from both of my pregnancies with little success over the past 2 years. I had about 20kg to lose and being continually told it would take a year I would lose sight easily. With the HCG diet and advice from Kim Rumble and her staff, I have in 5 weeks lost 14kg. I feel great! It has simplified losing weight for me, as it is so easy to follow. And with two small kids, a husband working long hours and running my own business, it was just what I needed. I have never felt better! My tiredness has gone, the bloated uncomfortable feeling has vanished and most miraculously for me, all my pains and stiffness associated with my Rheumatoid Arthritis have disappeared. It is so effective for me because I need short term goals for success, so jumping on the scales to see around 0.5kg of weight gone daily is such a good motivator!!!”

J.R || Lost 19.8 kg

“In 40 days, I lost 19.8 kilos. I went down 4 sizes in my clothes and I feel fantastic. My husband loves the new me, it reminds him of the ‘me’ he married! The hardest part was learning the difference between a hungry stomach and an empty stomach. Now I realise that I am hardly ever hungry. The HCG weight loss program has changed my life and changed the way I will eat the rest of my life. Thanks!”

K.F || Lost 9 kg

“I’m a 38 year old woman and have been yoyo dieting for most of my life, until now. The HCG protocol has changed my life and my body in not months but weeks. I lost a total of 9 kilos in 26 days! And it was so easy. I had my HCG in the morning, followed my program, drank plenty of water during the day and the HCG at night. I wasn’t hungry or craving things that I used to. Once I started seeing the results I did not want to cheat or waiver at all. I felt great!I can’t remember having so much energy, and I’m having the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years. Within days I could see the results on the scales and in my clothes. Whithin a week or two people were asking what I was on. My energy  levels were amazing and the results were there each day I stepped on the scales. The HCG itself tastes great, and certainly is the reason that stops you being hungry and or craving food. Since I have been off it I still don’t crave the things that I once did, my appetite has changed. I no longer want to eat the bread, pastas and rices that I once did, I don’t even miss them, and seeing the results that I have achieved from cutting down on those things and watching what I am eating is making the difference to keeping the weight off. I had a goal to lose some weight before Christmas, I just didn’t think that I could lose that much so quickly and easily. I have more to go, but I know that it’s now possible with the support and guidance of Kim and the team at the The Compounding Pharmacy Australia . I am sure that the next 9 or 10 kg will not take too long with this HCG weight loss protocol.”

S.C || Lost 13 kg

Happy and wanting to do again.

V.S || Lost 20 kgs.

I liked Kim’s personality because she spent time with me and gave me good information. Has now done a 2nd round and  reached her goal weight of 56k! Very happy with it all.

N.D || Lost 10 kg

My health and well being has improved a lot.

S.D || Lost 17.8 kg

Kim was great always at the end of the phone and very helpful.

K.D || Lost 20 kg

It was simple to relate to.  Kim was excellent and passionate about it. The overall results improved my self esteem.

GG ||  Lost 12kg

My doctor recommended the HCG Diet to me as my weight was becoming a real problem. I found it surprisingly easy once I got into “the zone”. I gorged my way through a family weekend long wedding and then started the 500 calorie diet with a little trepidation.  I was delighted to find I wasn’t really hungry at all and luckily for me the limited diet didn’t seem like a hassle.The team helped with suggestions on all sorts of tactics. I now have much more energy and it no longer hurts going up and down stairs. My friends are amazed at my transformation and I am throughly enjoying the new me. I highly recommend the HCG Diet as it re-enforces the will power needed to change your lifestyle.

N.B || Lost 13 kg

40 day “ challenge” was what I was calling the programme. It was not as big a challenge as what I was expecting. My start weight was 78kgs and my finished weight is 65kgs. My waist was 91cm at the start and 78cm at the end.  As soon as the weight started to come off it was easy to maintain the eating regime. The most challenging part was cooking for my family and then cooking for myself separately. We went camping whilst on the programme, all it took was for me to be prepared. No sugar cravings occurred. I did miss chocolate ( because I love chocolate) and my cup of tea with milk in it at night, as I used my allowance in the mornings. Have found that I really like my food cooked with coconut oil. Now I am re-discovering the clothes in my wardrobe that have been too small for me for a few years and I am packing up those size 14 clothes.

J.R || Lost 10 kg

I have lost more weight and so far since starting the diet I have lost 10kg.  I am so excited and glad that I decided to go ahead and follow the HCG diet.  I am feeling really well believe it or not.  I have not had any asthma, reflux or sinus since starting.  I am now introducing one food group at a time so that I can find out just what it is that causes me so much grief.  I have had all the allergy tests only to be told that it isn’t one particular thing or another.  I have a very strong feeling that it will be wheat based products.  I have not missed them at all so it will be no hardship to not have them in my diet.  I also tend to have a problem with additives and food colourings and well I’ve not had any of them either.  I am enjoying mixing salad items again and I know that this will sound silly, but I feel that since this diet my sense of taste has improved.  I really enjoy the flavour of strawberries (always did) but now I love the texture and the sensation when crunching on the seeds as the flavour seems more intense.  Perhaps it is because I am appreciating what little food I was allowed and eating more slowly so that it seemed like I was having a feast.  Whatever the secret is, I am loving it.  I am hoping that I will be able to lose probably another 3 to 4kg as this will give me a very comfortable buffer.  The anticipation of being able to eat a whole egg was greater than the taste – something I would never have thought to be true.  I managed the white and had had enough of  eating the egg after that.

Another interesting thing is that I am acutely aware of when I have had enough to eat.  I cannot believe how much I used to overeat.  I am still drinking 2L of water a day and several cups of green tea.  An absolute must I think. I cannot thank everyone enough at The Compounding Pharmacy at Mosman for giving me my life back and being so supportive.  I can honestly say that this was the hardest diet I have ever been on but certainly worth it and very motivational.

J.H || Lost 7kgs 

The HCG Diet was exactly what i needed to shift the final few KG’s before my wedding day. I had been dieting for 9 months before the HCG with a heavy workout schedule and managed to lose about 8 KG’s in that time which i was proud of but i still needed to lose about the same again and i didn’t have another 9 months ! I lost a total of 7KG’s in 28 days with 3 distinct plateaus. This was a dramatic loss in such a short time and changed my shape completely. I lost it all from my legs which i have never been able to target with any amount of exercise. And to top it off i also reduced my waist and bust within that 7KG loss.I am currently in the transition phase and can hardly believe how i full i am all day. 1200 cals is still a struggle to consume on the 6th day into Phase 3. ! I am a huge foody, and i am not going to lie; i miss the carbs and sugar mentally, but physically i don’t think my body has blinked. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. That is my new mantra. And … “Stevia is friend” I crave more water now and don’t feel constantly hungry, in fact the opposite, i always feel full ! My body habits to food have definitely changed, and i have not gained any weight since increasing to 1200 cals a day.