Zinc the Fundamentals to your health and well being

Zinc the Fundamentals to your health and well being

Zinc is essential mineral required for over 100 enzyme functions in the body. Almost every cell contains zinc which is why so important to maintain optimum levels of zinc in the body.  Zinc is important for the regulation of our immune and digestive system, thyroid hormone, sex hormones and neurotransmitters in our brain!


The Australian government recommended as a daily intake: (1)


Age group 



< 12 years 



< 18 years 






Pregnancy / lactation 




Of course this isn’t taking into account those that have higher zinc requirements such as those with high stress, anxiety, depression, gut issues, hormonal imbalances and lowered immunity.


Conventional farming and poor mineral quality in Australian soil has lead to low zinc status in up to 40% of Australian men and women. (2)


If you experience any of the following you may be zinc deficient or have poor absorption: 

  • Loss of taste / appetite 
  • Hair loss
  • Poor wound healing 
  • Poor skin / nail quality 
  • Low libido
  • Recurrent cold / flu 
  • Anxiety or low mood 


If you want to increase your zinc intake enjoy:

  • Wild caught oysters, mussels, crab & tuna 
  • Organic grass fed beef, lamb and chicken 
  • Organic greek yogurt 
  • Free range eggs 
  • Organic pepitas, sunflower seeds, peanuts, potato and broccoli 
  • Organic pinto beans 


Here at The Compounding Pharmacy we offer a variety of zinc supplements from retail, practitioner only and we also compound Zinc Picolinate capsule for our patients at therapeutic doses.

Please note zinc absorption is reduced by the presence of iron so its important to have these supplements away from each other. Other factors that reduce zinc absorption are alcohol, low protein diets and consuming foods with phytates (grains, legumes and some vegetables). If you would like to know more about zinc, its role in your diet or to assess your zinc status the naturopaths at TCPA are available for consults Monday - Saturday. 



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