With so many fats and oils on the market to choose from- which one is best for you?

With so many fats and oils on the market to choose from- which one is best for you?

The food industry gives us a lot of choice, but how do you know what is good
for you -and what product is only there to line the pockets of food industry.

By Kylie 

When it comes to fats, it is their individual chemical structure- that is, the chain
of carbons that makes up each fatty acid (or type of oil) which will determine
its effect on the body.

The length and configuration of each carbon chain will depend on how each fat
or oil will be metabolised within your body, and will also determine the
chemical changes of fats and oils when they are heated.

An oil that is recommended to be consumed, even proven heart healthy may
not be the same fat or oil once it is heated.

Here at TCPA we stock a diverse array of nutritious and healthy foods, and this
week we would like to highlight the healthy oils we stock here at the

Saturated fats- such as coconut oil, butter and ghee are heart healthy, and
excellent choices to cook with- they can handle the heat. They can be heated
to high temperatures without damaging their carbon structure. They are heart
healthy, safe and recommended- especially to cook with. In fact Ghee- which is
clarified butter, has a higher concentration of all the vitamins and minerals
butter has- its better than butter!

Mono-unsaturated fats- such as avocado oil, macadamia oil and olive oil are all
best kept cold- that is, once your veggies are cooked or the salads is complete-
drizzle these oils over the top. These nutritious fats do not handle being
heated very well, in fact at just 60, the chemical structure of olive oil starts to
change, reducing its heart healthy benefits, slowly oxidizing. Keep it cold!

Omega 3 fats- such as walnut oil and flaxseed are excellent choices for
smoothies, dressings, dips and sauces. Ideally, flaxseed, walnut oils are best not heated.

Hemp oil- A may-zing! Hemp oil has a perfect balance of omega 3 oils to
omega 6 oils. Why does this matter? Thanks to the food industry and the high
amount of omega 6 containing foods available, we are eating far too many

Omega 6 oils - in our diet. We need an even balance of omega 6 oils and omega
3 oils in our diet. An even balance is ‘anti’ inflammatory. Having a diet higher
in omega 6 fats sets us up for unhealthy ‘pro’ inflammatory pathways of

So can you have hemp seed oil- yes, but remember, hemp seed oil is an even
balance of omega 3:6 fats- so also work on getting more omega 3’s into your
diet from other sources such as spirulina, chia seeds, cauliflower, fresh caught
salmon, mackerel, tuna and barramundi.

Further to that, most people do not know that Hemp seeds are a complete
protein- that is, all the amino acids found in meat and fish, is also found in
hemp seeds- they should be a staple in anyone’s diet- especially a vegetarian.
Just like meat! But not! Adding hemp seeds to your salad is an easy way to get
enough fat AND protein into a meal-leaving you feeling light and well-
nourished, still getting optimal nutrition.



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