Mitochondria & Energy

The cell is the basic unit of LIFE. But what is it that helps a cell to function? The MITOCHRONDRIA is the POWER HOUSE and its job is to turn all the nutrients from the food we eat (fats, sugar, and proteins) into ENERGY so we can perform our daily activities. In Fact, it produces 90% of our survival energy.

Other special duties the mitochondria has include getting rid of wastes and make cells die, preventing cancer and tumours. It is for these reasons we need to properly support our mitochondria… especially as we age... And here are some helpful tips

Acetyl L Carnitine

Acetyl L- Carnitine helps transport long chain fatty acids and carbohydrate molecules into the mitochondria for the synthesis of energy. It also can help burn fat and is a great antioxidant. It may reduce fatigue in the elderly and aid those who are chronically fatigue.

For all the males out there it may boost testosterone levels (integral to bone mass, sex drive, and mood)and  plays a role in healthy sperm motility

Acetyl L Carnitine, through the mechanism of using fats as a primary source and not your glucose as muscle fuel,  helps you to perform longer and at higher intensities at the gym,

It can enter the brain  and also help with acetylcholine production in the CNS, reduces oxidative stress and slow the degeneration of neurons (anti-ageing).

Just be sure to select Acetyl L Carnitine if you are seeking fat burning and energy benefits. Other forms of Carnitine may not have the same fat burn effect and metabolic function.

What about energy DURING your exercise sessions?

If you are into endurance training you may consider Nitric Oxide.

Widely available in spinach, turnips and beetroot, Nitric Oxide’s action is to widen the blood vessels and increases the blood flow feeding nutrients, oxygen to your muscles and organ.

We also have in store available a gel which upon intake is absorbed rapidly in the GI tract and help you perform better IMMEDIATELY.

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