Mental Health Week: Have a chat with our friendly pharmacists

Mental Health Week: Have a chat with our friendly pharmacists

Many patients find after being diagnosed with anxiety of depression that their medication might take a while to work. To make matters worse, depression is a condition that can be difficult to find relief from after using it for a certain period, the medication might not work as well or have as strong effect.


Visit our Pharmacists Kim, Thu and Mike at the Darlinghurst or Mosman store to have a talk about your mood medications – whether if you are beginning therapy from your doctor, or wanted to know of natural therapies to help you with your mood, or if you are weaning off/stopping your medication regime. WE know how too make you feel GOOD!


Find out about how turmeric and Saffron have been food to be effective in supporting healthy mood with clinical studies to supports its neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and aids the production of the happy hormone (serotonin) plus others (dopamine and noradrenaline)


Did you know one of best Seller: Magnesium glycinate can help with mood lifting ? It has been shown that this essential mineral enables the brain and cells to produce energy allowing you to cope with stress. It also allows for relaxation and soundful sleep.

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