Liver Body and Gut Cleanse

Liver Body and Gut Cleanse

Liver Body and Gut Cleanse- complete in just two weeks!

Follow world-renown liver specialist, Dr Sandra Cabot’s 15 Day Detox Plan.

Three easy-to-use daily formulas- with an impressive list of ingredients!

  1. Ultimate liver cleanse- taken after breakfast each day, is a superb combination of 28 different types of super foods and greens, vitamins, herbs and minerals.  Using a superior pea protein- European Golden Pea Protein Powder – European pea powder contains 3 times the protein of regular protein powder.  Pea protein also contains all the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein.
  1. Ultimate Body Cleanse- taken after lunch each day, ultimate body cleanse formula has been designed to cleans, detox and alkalize the entire body.  Positive effects of alkalizing the body include reduced inflammation, reduced acidity and optimal immune function. It is vital that the acid base balance of the body (measured as pH) is correctly controlled.
  1. Ultimate Gut Cleanse- taken 2 hours after dinner, ultimate gut cleanse has been designed to improve the health of the entire digestive tract.  It soothes and heals the lining of the gut and helps to eliminate toxins from the gut and reduce leaky gut- the driver behind most disease states in the body- including auto immune diseases.  The probiotic in this formula helps to balance the gut bacteria and improve gut immunity.  Helpful for those with indigestion, reflux, bloating, bowel irregularity and food allergies. 

Not sure what to eat   / Don’t want to think about it? - no problems.   Your Liver Body & Gut Cleanse comes with a Full 15-day Detox Recipe booklet!  All the recipes to cover you for the fortnight, with fresh and unique recipes and the shopping list you need to purchase your ingredients.    All the work is done for you- All you need to do is get to your market and buy your cleansing foods.


The Liver! 

The liver has over 500 essential functions to keep the body healthy, most of which are vital for good health. Detoxification of the blood, protein synthesis, excretion of bilirubin, hormones, cholesterol, drugs, and production of bile, (an alkaline compound which helps in digestion through the emulsification of lipids), are just some of the important functions that the liver performs. 

The liver also regulates cholesterol levels in the body.  It synthesises cholesterol and produces the lipoproteins needed to transport cholesterol throughout the body.  

Lipoproteins are defined by their density, High density Lipoproteins (HDL), low density lipoprotein (LDL), and very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL).  

Not all LDL cholesterols are created equal- there are 7 different subtractions/types of LDL cholesterol- seven! Your standard blood test only shows your Total LDL- this is not the full picture- your standard testing does not show you all seven LDL types.  Total LDL is all but useless in knowing your risk of heart and arterial disease.  

Many of us have been wrongly led to believe all LDL is bad- this is incorrect.  It is the excess of oxidised LDL which is the “bad” cholesterol.  Oxidised LDL leads to hardening of the arteries and is a potential for heart disease and stroke.

A healthy liver metabolises rapidly, keeping weight stable. 

Do you have a sluggish liver?  A sluggish liver causes calories to be stored as fat rather than used for energy.  As a Nutritionist, when a client comes to me for hormonal / mood imbalance, gut issues, weight-loss- almost anything, I start with looking at the phases of detoxification, and the ability for my client to eliminate toxins hormones fat and other metabolites out of their body- rather than storing them in fat cells.

The Dr Cabot Liver, Body and Gut Cleanse is an outstanding formula, and in true Dr Cabot style, the Doc really had got it all covered for you- this energising 2-week cleanse can be all some people need, for others it is the perfect start to a more specialized program.

Come into The Compounding Pharmacy Darlinghurst to pick up your 2-week cleanse today.  Kilos can be dropped in just days, so don’t let procrastination or another rainy day put you off…  Get results now- Its September, be cleansed and energised now! 


Kylie McCarthy

Nutritionist | The Compounding Pharmacy Australia


Sep 21, 2018

Hi, just checking if you have anything for weight loss?? Thank you

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