Gut Issues - Feeling Bloated or Pain in the Stomach ?

Gut Issues - Feeling Bloated or Pain in the Stomach ?

Continuing on with our COELIAC & GUT HEALTH awareness month...maybe our last article shared about FODMAP sensitivity was something you could relate to?

Check out these FODMAP friendly toast toppers by the awesome Jessica Sepel of JSHealth - she also discusses what FODAMPS are (a collection of naturally occurring chemicals, sugars and short-chains of sugars found in foods) and why/ how you could be reacting to them.

Many people have have self-misdiagnosed this as a gluten intolerance. The best tip we can recommend is coming in a speaking to one of our expert Pharmacists & Nutritionists/ Naturopaths, who are qualified and experienced to help you work out what works best for YOUR gut - everyone is different!

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