Dry July and how to liver detox!

Dry July and how to liver detox!

So everybody's favourite time of year is upon us. Now the question is to drink or not to drink?

Here at TCPA we love to have a vino as much as the next person but we are aware of the detrimental effects alcohol consumption can have on our health, in particular our liver. 

Chronic consumption of alcohol is associated with:

  • Weight gain 
  • Premature ageing 
  • Vitamin deficiencies 
  • Fatty liver and other liver diseases 
  • Stomach ulcers and even cancers

So we all know that sometimes our liver could use a little rest. Dry July is the perfect time to kick start a liver detox and have your body ready for the coming summer! 

How to detox the liver

Detoxing the liver begins with reducing offensive items (drugs, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, preservatives in our diets etc) consuming lots of water, gentle exercise daily, taking it easy on red meats, sugars, grains and including lots of veggies, fruit and broths.

Products we love to assist with liver detox 

  • Milk thistle (legalon) clinically demonstrated to reduce inflammation in the liver and assist in reducing liver enzymes 
  • Paleo fibre is an essential grain-free fibre which helps our body to excrete the by-product of liver detoxification and cholesterol 
  • Greens powders especially broccoli sprout help to promote alkaline an environment, feed the good bacteria and assist with liver detoxification 
  • Turmeric is a great herb to add to our diet or take as a supplement to promote liver detoxification and assist in reducing systemic inflammation 
  • Apple cider vinegar is beneficial in regulating stomach acid and insulin secretion so it can't hurt to lose a little weight while doing a cleanse 

If you want some more guidance pop into either store and speak with our team of pharmacists and naturopaths to get you on the right path. Don't forget also we are offering a free vitamin D with all consults this winter!

Love your liver!

Jul 29, 2020


Jul 29, 2020



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