Christmas New Year period health tips

Christmas New Year period health tips

The Christmas New Year period is a time of joy and celebration with those we hold close to us. It is also a time of cheer, sometimes a little too much food and wine!

Zach one of our naturopaths from TCPA Darlinghurst has come up with some recommendations to ease the burden on digestive system during this fun filled period.



  • With the hottest days and X-mas drinking ahead hydration is key. Aim for 3L of water to keep digestion moving, ward of headaches and keep aches and pains at bay.  
  • Plan ahead by knowing your weakness. Try and have a small amount of food before X-mas lunch so your not starving and gorge on things like potato bake and crackling. If its the cheese platter, balance it up with plenty of veggies sticks and hummus.
  • It’s all too easy to relax a little bit too much. Keep active by going for a walk with friends or a dip at the local beach/pool with the family. This will help offset the excess calorie intake.

Top Picks

It’s a bit too easy to forget our digestive intolerances during the X-mas festivities. If you have had things you probably shouldn’t have (that extra piece of nan’s trifle) and feeling the post meal bloat. Try having a digestive enzyme before the culprit meal or when experiencing symptoms.

As we all know Aloe Vera is soothing for summer skin. The juice also acts like a moisturiser for the digestive tract, coating our intestines with polysaccharides (prebiotics). Great added to water and lemon in the morning to ease laxation and reduce gas.

Reflux from the X-mas barbeque or feeling a bit cloudy after new years drinks. Chlorophyll is the ultimate alkaliser used to reduce inflammation and heat in the body. Add me to water after a meal or too much alcohol to improve symptoms.

Want to get on top of your diet, improve your energy levels or just start 2019 off with a bang. Contact the naturopaths at to help you achieve your health goals!

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