Beat Cold & Flu Season with HERBS! Our expert tips…

Beat Cold & Flu Season with HERBS! Our expert tips…

Herbs are our planets way of healing, and as human-beings we are in alignment with our planet.

Mother nature has been producing powerful methods of healing from each of her 5 kingdoms since the dawn of time, herbs, vitamins, minerals, bacteria, algae, mushrooms, all natures gift to us- naturopathic ways to heal sickness and disease- enabling us to thrive as a species.

With cold and flu season hitting us, you can boost your immune system and maximise your chances of NOT getting sick through taking the right herbal supplements. Our fantastic expert Nutritionists Kylie and Michelle give you their top tips on the right herbs to beat winter sickness!



For over 2000years the Chinese have been using the root of the astragalus herb to support the immune system.  Astragalus is used in chronic conditions, such upper respiratory tract infections, persistent colds & flu, sore throats and chronic fatigue.

Astragalus root is known as an adaptogen––a substance that works with a person’s body to regulate the effects of stress and fatigue.  How exactly does Astragalus work?  Astragalus boosts your body’s natural immune system response by increasing production of white blood cells. White blood cells are involved in protecting the body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders, strengthening your resilience, protecting your body from emotional, physical, and mental stress.

By steeping the shaved root of astragalus, or concentrated into a tincture within herbal formulas, however you choose to consume astragalus, its powerful healing will occur.


Reishi Mushroom

Much attention in recent years has focused on various immune boosting and anti-cancer properties of certain mushrooms.  Mushrooms offer other potentially important health benefits, including antioxidants, anti-hypertensive and cholesterol-lowering properties, liver protection, as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. These properties have attracted the interest of many pharmaceutical companies, which are viewing the medicinal mushroom as a rich source of innovative biomedical molecule- why wait for the synthetic version? Get your phyto-chemicals as nature intended- from natural extracts and food!

With a latin name of Ganoderma Lucidium- translating into soul/spirit mushroom, the Chinese Reishi mushroom contains chemicals that have a variety of potentially beneficial effects, including activity against tumours (cancer), and properties to strengthen the immune system.   In fact, Reishi is considered so powerful, it can actually over stimulate the immune system- so be sure to talk to your practitioner before self-prescribing


Licorice root is known for its sweet flavour and a delicious addition to any herbal formula.  But don’t lets its yummy taste fool you.  Like Astragalus, licorice is also known as an adaptogen, helping the body cope with stress, in any form- physical, emotional, and environmental.

Licorice will boost your immunity, support your adrenals to increase stamina, with a positive estrogen like effect also proving efficacious in menopausal, menstrual and fertility related concerns.  However, It is the soothing demulcent properties of licorice which sees this herb within in all great throat sprays, bringing relief to an irritated sore or itchy throat.  With over 170 individual healing compounds (phyto chemicals) found to date within licorice, this herbal dynamo is a part of any good herbal dispensary.

All 3 of these fantastic ingredients are found in the Oriental Botanicals Astragalus 8 – a fantastic immune boosting supplement!

Ivy Leaf

The miracle cough elixir! Ivy leaf has an important place in history, being used in traditional medicine throughout Europe and Asia. Ivy leaf is the all rounder, treating acute and inflammatory forms of cough and most suitable for treatment of a chronic cough. its properties are extremely beneficial when there is increased mucous production in the nose and throat, clearing the airways.


Marshmallow Root

Known as the smooth operator, marshmallow relieves irritation in the upper respiratory tract, giving our mucous membranes timely relief when we experience that aggravating dry cough & sore throat. Marshmallow's powerful actions work to break down mucous and inhibit bacteria, limiting the duration of a cold or bronchitis. Marshmallow is not just for the camp fire, but rather provides great sore throat relief.


Thyme Leaf

It's thyme to stop coughing! The essential oil of the thyme leaf, when used in combination with ivy leaf, is a powerful remedy for an inflamed sore throat and acute bronchitis. It's therapeutic wonders are great for calming an angry respiratory system, think congestion, sinusitis and reducing inflammation, which means we can breathe again! Definitely an ingredient to include in your arsenal of cold, cough and flu relief this winter.

Better still, use a combination of these ingredients this winter with formulas that combine all three to provide quick and effective relief – you’ll find all of these in the fantastic Bioceuticals Armaforce Cough Relief product, another excellent immune booster and great supplement to get on as soon as you feel that itchy throat.


You can buy these great supplements easily at our online store, or pop in to have a chat to our experts who are happy to give you advice on which herbal supplements are right for you.


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