Approaching Chronic Pain

Approaching Chronic Pain

In Australia it is estimated that 20% of adults encounter chronic pain. Chronic Pain is defined as daily persistent pain  stemming from acute pain and exceeds normal healing time of 3 months.

The longer pain remains untreated, the greater the risk of the body becoming sensitised to pain, and the pain becoming chronic. Therefore timely and effective treatment of acute pain is essential to prevent transition to chronic pain.

There are many options available to help alleviate the pain such as taking pain medication (anti inflammatory), creams, life style, massage, physiotherapy, exercise including yoga and stretching. 

While these therapies help many patients, others may want more a natural approach where we can help you. 

Key Nutrients and Supplements:

Magnesium Capsules

Sam-e and Vitamin B6 help with the production of your happy hormone serotonin  which regulate mood, sleep, and pain perception. Those who are have been suffering chronic pain for an extended time could suffering from depression or mood disorders. Call us on 1300 244 073 to speak to our naturopaths and pharmacists for more details and check if these are applicable to you and your medicine regime

Anti Inflammatory: Tumeric Capsules, Fish Oil 


Here are some Top Tips from our naturopaths
Diet: Eat fresh fruit and veg high in fibre. Limit yourself from refined sugars and processed food 
Drink 2 Litres of water a day
Remember to keep your body moving everyday and stay optimistic
Apr 02, 2020


Apr 02, 2020



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