Back to School with TCPA

Here at The Compounding Pharmacy Australia we do our best to keep our families healthy!

Looking at what to send the kids to school with in their lunchbox? Pop in and have a look in our fridge at the delicious” NOSHU guilt free donuts’  Available in three yummy varieties - Caramel spice, banana & coconut  & dark chocolate & raspberry.  No added sugar, baked not fried, gluten and grain free, naturally sweetened, dairy free.

Ensure your children have probiotics each day, as 70% of our immune system originates from the gut.  We have a range to suit all ages!

Kiwiherb  have a great range of health solutions for children. Whether it be for  immune support such as their great tasting echinature or de-stuff for kids should they be suffering from congestion. The kiwiherb range is effective and designed to taste great even for the fussiest child.

Growing pains?  Come in and chat to us about options for magnesium supplementation, which can be of great benefit to aid muscle relaxation. We also carry a range of magnesium  bath salts that can help relax those little limbs before sleep.

Other supplements essential for their immune system is adequate vitamin D levels.  During winter our levels drop as we are not exposed to the sun as much.  If you are concerned, once again come in and chat about what options we have for supplementation..

Concentration and or behaviour  a problem?  Book a consultation with our healthcare practitioner Cassandra, as it could be due to any number of  metabolic disorders which can be helped by supplementing with the appropriate nutrients.

Need ideas for a healthy lunchbox and general healthy dietary guidelines?  Book a consultation with our nutritionist Tracey to help give you new ideas. .

Sleep is another necessary thing for a healthy child. If sleep is a problem come in and chat to see what options we can suggest.

As our much valued customers know, all of us here  at The Compounding Pharmacy Australia are passionate about health and wellbeing.

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