Natural fertility

It is now recognised that one in six couples will experience infertility!
While the concept of pre-natal health care has been around for over 2,000 years since the ancient Spartans, Romans and Greeks, the influence of modern lifestyle, diet and environmental toxins have all impacted on a couple's ability to conceive and to achieve a successful pregnancy and healthy baby.

Natural fertility support may be beneficial for:

  • Fertile couples who want to provide their baby the best possible start to life
  • Couples who may be experiencing difficulty in conceiving
  • Male or female unexplained fertility
  • Females with a history of PCOS, Endometriosis, MTHFR polymorphisms 
  • Males who may experience low sperm count, motility or poor morphology 
  • For couples considering undergoing IVF who wish to support the success rate of these procedures

If you feel you may benefit from natural fertility support then book in with Cassandra Hilton for a consultation to understand how we can best support you.

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