Winter Skin tips!

Winter can cause many problems for our skin, with the harsh, cold weather causing dryness and flakiness!

We have a few tips for preserving good skin care during winter and also have a range of products to recommend!

  1. As the temperatures drop, more than ever moisturiser is your friend!
  2. But don’t forget the sunscreen! Just because you may not be spending your days on the beach doesn’t mean you should forget your sunscreen!
  3. Carry a hand cream in your purse! The skin on your hands is very thin with fewer oil glands making it harder to keep your hands moist!
  4. Drinking water is also more important than ever! Being dehydrated causes skin problems. If you find it hard to drink 2 L in winter, add in some fresh lemon juice or mint leaves for added flavor!


Kim makes a number of wonderful skin products. Some of our favourites include:

  • TCPA Anti-Ageing Peptides and Aloe Vera cream: Apply in the morning and/or at night to reverse premature skin ageing and improve skin texture.
  • TCPA Anti-Ageing Creamy Cleanser: Suitable for all skin types, with CoQ10, vitamin B3, Coconut Oil and Allantonin.
  • TCPA Kim’s Gentle Skin Toner: Contains Allantonin, aloe vera, niancinamide and panthenol.

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