March is Melanoma month!


Melanoma is a form of skin cancer which unfortunately has a high prevalence rate in Australia. Throughout this month, it is a good reminder to go and get a skin check! Your GP can do skin checks, or book in with a specialist. 

Our other top skin tips:

  • Always cover up between 10am to 4pm (the strongest sun hours)
  • Use a broad spectrum sunscreen every day and remember to regularly reapply when swimming/ sweating
  • Have regular skin checks with your GP or dermatologist.
  • Also check your skin yourself! Know what is the ‘normal’ for you
  • The old campaign "Slip, slop, slap" is for good reason - whenever you leave the house, don't forget your hat, your t-shirt and your sunscreen!
  • Remember to reapply and check places you are likely to forget - ears and feet! 

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