Top tips for healthy kids!

Top tips to improving the health of your kids! 


  1. Get your kids involved in food prep and cooking! Meal times don’t have to be a battle if the kids are involved! We love taco bars, healthy pizza nights (try our recipe for cauliflower pizza), or porridge bars for breakfast. Sometimes getting kids involved is the best way to encourage calmer meal times for all involved! 
  2. Encourage family exercise - short walks after dinner, walking to the video store for DVD night or a trip to the park for a family game of cricket. Small things add up and encourage good habits for life!
  3. Keep the "back up meals" to a minimum: if your kid knows they can have something else if they don't like what you've served, they will keep going for that! 
  4. Don't stress about a "perfect" diet 100% of the time. Some days it will be a battle for everyone, so know that a few meals of chips or plain pasta won't stunt their growth or lead to bad habits :) 

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