Consultations to make you the best you in 2015!

As part of your dedication to achieving the best you in 2015, why not make an appointment with some of our fabulous staff?


Our hormone queen, Kim, is available from Tuesday – Thursday for teaching you how to become happy, healthy and hormonally balanced!


Our nutritionist, Tracey, is available for food coaching, nutritional advice and weight loss. Through a practical approach, involving balanced meals and exercise, Tracey’s counselling services can help you on your weight loss journey, or to improve your health in general.


Cassandra is a practitioner of Western Herbal Medicine and Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and as such, employs a range of pharmacological grade herbs, nutritional supplementation and dietary intervention to promote health and restore balance in disease.


You can make a 30 minute or 1 hour appointment with any of our lovely staff to improve your health.

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