Detoxing in January!

Why detox?

From our nutritionist, Tracey (Nutrition Mum):

Take a little time to think about how we actually treat our bodies. Many of us eat foods too fast without thinking about what we are putting in our bodies. We often reach for foods that contain little nutritional value because of their convenience and taste. Additionally, alcohol depletes our nutritional status and puts added stress on our liver to detoxify. Environmental toxins exist such as pesticides, chemicals, pollution also have an effect on our health. Life today can be filled with ongoing stresses which in turn can lead to adrenal exhaustion. Every now and then, we need to put ourselves first and take the time to give our body a chance to rest, recuperate and rejuvenate. Practicing yoga and focusing on clean, green foods provides us with the perfect balance to achieve restoration.


So throughout January, look out for tips and tricks to “resetting” your body and giving yourself the best healthy start to the new year!

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