The Big “M”


After a recent stressful period in my life, “The Big M” finally hit.   Stress, it seems, fast tracked its arrival. So “M” started calling on me at night, interrupting the most sacred of things – SLEEP!  “M” became a most unwelcome visitor. “M” would occasionally visit me during the day but those visits did not seem to really bother me as much.

The next few weeks had me almost unraveled due to persistent hot flushes that woke me up throughout the night.  I faithfully took my favourite mineral magnesium each night before bed and I even added melatonin, but all this was to no avail.   I decided to be more proactive and started taking Oriental Botanical’s Femaren.  This product is for all stages of menopause, whether perimenopausal or postmenopausal, or even somewhere in between. Femaren is a combination of five traditional Chinese herbs with two Western herbs. A unique formula that assists in the management of menopausal symptoms from the earliest signs through to the more severe symptoms like hot flushing and increased perspiration.  The dosage I took was two each morning and two at night. While my hot flushes had decreased they were still occurring enough throughout the night to disturb my sleep.  I phoned the naturopathic hotline at oriental botanicals where I explained my situation. I was advised to add in “Livaclean” which enhances the cooling effects of Femaren during the nighttime.  So my daily regime became 2 Femaren with breakfast, 2 with dinner and 2 livaclean at bedtime.  It worked! I couldn’t believe how quickly “M” stopped her nightly visits and how I soon I returned to my old self.

Menopause is a perfectly natural progression that women make during their reproductive journey and it should not be thought of as an illness. For me at 54 I have been lucky to have not started this next stage of my life until now.  I have always valued my cycle as a way to keep my bones and heart healthy.

Peri-menopause is the time in which our hormone production slows down before we stop ovulating. During this time women may start to experience different symptoms whereas some may experience nothing at all.  We are all different!  There is no need though for any women to have this stage affect their quality of life. For more information regarding Oriental botanical’s products or nutritional advice come and see me at The Compounding Pharmacy Australia: 50 Avenue Road Mosman 2088   Appointments are recommended.

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