A summary of all our hay fever tips!

Missed a tweet or facebook post about hay fever? Here are all of our handy hay fever tips in one place!

  • Need sinus support?  Try The Compounding Pharmacy Australia’s  very own sinus support liquid 
  • Cold Liver Oil provides great immune support and is a must for supporting our mucus membranes especially due to colds, sinus & hayfever. Available in liquid and capsule form.
  • Don’t forget probiotics each day.  As adequate levels of beneficial gut bacteria stimulate lymphoid tissue in the GIT.  The intestinal flora of our gut influences our immune system.
  • Vitamin C  has antihistamine properties  Consider Ester C powder or tablets if suffering from hay fever
  • Don’t forget if you suffer from a seasonal allergy such as hayfever it is a good idea to start anti-allergic herbs 4-6 weeks before the season starts.

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