Prone to Acne?


Containing specifically compounded skin cosmetics for the treatment of acne

  • Mild facial foam cleanser- containing organic aloe vera extract and allantoin, this gentle foam cleanser is suitable for all skin types and increases skin moisturisation and healing.
  • Anti-acne day toner and Anti-acne night toner- a gentle and refreshing toner that increases cell turnover, exfoliation and promotes healing.
  • Anti-acne facial cream- a high antioxidant and nutritive formulation for inflammed and irritated skin with the benefits of vitamin B3, alpha lipoic acid and Vit E.

Purchase The Anti-Acne Treatment Protocol for $99.95

Containing foam cleanser, day toner, night toner and  anti-acne facial cream/gel.

Customised solutions for your health.

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