Back to School with TCPA!

Throughout Feb we will be featuring some back to school and kids related tips from Tracey and Cassandra!

First up, “Do Healthy Kids Need Vitamins?”

Given the demands of family life and picky eaters, those well balanced nutritional meals are not always possible. We ask Nutritionists Tracey Howell of The Compounding Pharmacy Australia, Mosman, her opinion on do healthy kids needs vitamins?

Finicky eaters, kids with asthma, eczema, allergies, poor immune systems, learning and developmental disorders, chronic health conditions and active kids can all benefit from nutritional supplementation. Our top essential recommendations for vitamins and minerals that are critical for growing kids with increased nutritional needs are available on advice from our nutritionsit Tracey Howell or Herbalist Cassandra Hilton of The Compounding Pharmacy Australia, Mosman. Not sure where to start? Consultations are now available with Nutritionist Tracey Howell or Herbalsit Cassandra Hilton at The Compounding Pharmacy Australia, Mosman

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