Tips for a Healthy Easter

With Easter just around the corner, it is important not to undo all your hard work since the new year in sticking to your goals!  You can still have a celebration with friends and family without blowing all your diet goals!

Our healthy easter tips:

* If you are going to function where you know there will be a lot of high calorie food, have a small snack before you go to avoid gorging upon arrival

* Pick the best treat possible: go for dark chocolate over milk or white. Not only does dark chocolate have more antioxidants,  you also need less to feel satisfied

* Go for a walk with your family before or after your meal, or stick to your usual exercise routine as much as possible

* Don’t be too hard on yourself – having a big weekend calorie wise will not cause too much of a gain if you get back on healthy eating after the weekend. So enjoy a hot cross bun or too!

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