Healthy Pregnancy: Exercise


Trying to get pregnant? Already pregnant?

Keeping your body in tip-top shape is vital during conception, pregnancy and life!

  • Exercise can help you achieve your ideal weight which is necessary for regular ovulation. Obesity also carries a risk of miscarriage
  • Exercise can help reduce stress and depression which makes it harder to conceive
  • Exercise helps to maintain blood circulation and promote tissue growth
  • Good options for exercise during pregnancy include yoga and pilates, walking, swimming, stretching and dancing
  • Maintaining a strong core, through pilates and yoga, is an essential part of a healthy pregnancy. Pelvic floor exercises are pertinent to avoid a prolapse or leaks later in life! Try a pilates class or watch a youtube video on how to improve these muscles!

Make sure you discuss exercise with your GP during your pregnancy. What is right for your body may not be right for everybody!

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