Healthy kids, healthy lives!

As Back to School month comes to an end at TCPA, we thought we’d share some tips on making meal times easier with kids!

Involve your kids in the dinner process! Most kids love being ‘helpers':

  • Smaller children can stir bowls of ingredients
  • Older children can help stir things on the stove (supervised)

If you meal plan, why not ask your kids for ideas? Maybe Monday night can be ‘their’ night: help them select a healthy meal, go shopping for ingredients together and prep the meal together.

‘Make your own’ meals can encourage adventure and exploration of taste buds!

  • For taco night, put out small bowls of different chopped vegetables. Let kids pick their own toppings
  • Have a salad party! Offer a number of different toppings for salads and let kids create their own masterpiece!
  • Create a porridge bar on mornings when you have a bit more time. Put out small bowls of nuts, seeds, coconut (unsweetened), berries and chopped fruit. Encourage kids to make their own bowl of morning glory!
  • For fussier kids, try ‘hiding’ vegetables in pasta sauces. Blend up pureed sweet potato or pumpkin and add to a plain tomato sauce. The same could be done with spinach.

Making meal time fun can reduce pressure on kids to eat ‘what they are supposed to’.

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Stop by to learn more tips from our nutritionist, Tracey.

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