Tips for you child’s health!

Back to School Month at TCPA!

Eating habits are formed throughout childhood, so provide your children the best possible start by education. Learn to read labels and especially look out for hidden sugars, hydrogenated fats & saturated fats. Quite often a low fat product may have extra sugar to improve taste.

Lunch at school or preschool should make a beneficial contribution towards your child maintaining a balanced daily diet.  For growth, development, concentration and learning it is important to ensure the modest lunch box is a healthy lunch box.  Given how many years they will be taking lunch to school it is important to make lunchboxes not only healthy but enjoyable – something they look forward to each day!

Small containers of chopped fruit and vegetables may make it more likely that your child will eat it! Berries, grapes and stone fruits are sweet and favourites of many children! Try chopping up cucumber, capsicum, carrots and snow peas for your child. Provide them with a dipping sauce, such as a hummus, to encourage them to eat the vegetables.

If making a sandwich, select a wholegrain bread (if your child will eat it!) or a white bread with fibre and/or seeds. Minimise the butter – add flavour through some mustard or avocado.

Comment with your best tips for a healthy lunch!

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