The TCPA Clinic is open for consultations!

At TCPA not only do we have dedicated laboratory technicians and pharmacists, we have a very knowledgeable and experienced team in the front of store too, ready to help in any way they can! Meet them now:


Tracey business card

Tracey Howell – Nutritionist

Tracey has a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition with further studies with MINDD Foundation and ACNEM. Tracey provides realistic and sustainable dietary advice and support to assist people to improve their vitality, energy and enhance their physical wellbeing through their diets. Tracey is passionate about teaching people the benefits of eating well for life and incorporating plant based and raw foods into your daily life. Tracey is a regular presenter in nutrition and weight loss and fundamentally believes “you are what you eat” and therefore focuses on improving the health of individuals through practical nutritional approaches. Tracey has run successful weight loss and nutritional programs and has transformed many clients’ lives through these basic principles enabling you to experience optimal health, long term weight management and disease prevention. Tracey holds nutrition focused cooking demonstrations and seminars enabling you to feel confident in implementing dietary changes at home.
Cass Business Card

Cassandra Hilton – Herbalist

Cassandra is a qualified practitioner in Herbal Medicine and is a MINDD trained practitoner with further studies with ACNEM in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. Cassandra is passionate about health and the ability to influence health through the use of pharmaceutical grade herbal therapeutics, nutritional supplementation and through dietary and lifestyle changes. Cassandra has an interest in complementary and integrative health practices that focus on the prevention of illness, identifying and treating the cause of illness and supporting the bodies’ natural healing ability. Common conditions of immune dysfunction, fatigue, mood disorders, autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, reproductive health, skin conditions, food sensitivities and allergies, mild depression and anxiety, pre natal health care, infertility and common childhood conditions can be effectively supported through these holistic practices. Treatment plans focus on supporting general wellness and chronic disease prevention and management.


Feel free to get in contact with us on 02 9960 3322 or come in to our store and make an appointment with Tracey or Cassandra, so that they can customise a solution for your health!

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