Winter warming ideas!



Keeping warm this winter!

With winter having made it’s arrival in Sydney, it’s easy to reach for calorie-rich foods to keep you warm, but here a few ideas to keep you warm this winter without consuming too many calories!

* Make a pizza base from cauliflower instead of flour. Easy, delicious and helps sneak in another serving of cruciferous vegetables! Here’s a simple recipe:

* Use your slow cooker! Nothing easier than throwing in some meat and veggies and setting it on low to cook whilst at work. The best part is coming home and dinner being prepared for you! We love lamb shanks in a red wine sauce, or ginger beef, like this recipe:

* Try warming teas rather than calorie rich hot chocolates! There’s a great range of teas available from the supermarket. Our current fav? Cinnamon ginger tea!

* Cook your oats in chai tea – adds  delicious spiciness without calories! Simple boil equal parts milk and water with some loose leaf chai tea, strain then cook the oats in the milk-water mix!

*Stew pears or apples with a little cinnamon and lemon juice and add to porridge in the morning. Who needs maple syrup or sugar? Sweeten naturally with fruit!


We’d love to read your favourite ways to warm up this winter! Post below :)

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