New at TCPA this week!

New this week at the Compounding Pharmacy Australia!

SuperSprout’s 100% pure Beetroot powder.

Stir into any recipe, drink or meal.  Great for fussy eaters.  How about thinking outside the square and using this beetroot powder to make red velvet cupcakes.  A much healthier option to use.

Lovingearth’s Organic Coconut Sugar

A great tasting cane sugar alternative to use.  Mineral rich, and low GI  – perfect!

Can be used 1:1 as a replacement for brown sugar in any recipe.


Back in stock is Lovingearth’s Caramel buckinis  and  organic raw Caramel Chocolate 

Caramelised Buckinis are made from buckwheat coated in a delectable selection of Loving Earth ingredients. They are gluten free, alkalise our bodies and are a rich source of protein, rutin and manganese.

Caramel chocolate is made with single origin Certified Organic Raw Cacao (35%) from Peru and sweetened with Organic Evaporated Coconut Nectar, our chocolate bars are hand-made in Melbourne.  So delicious they never last long!!


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