Want to slow down ageing?


  • Astaxanthin  belongs to the carotenoid family. This is the substance that gives salmon its colour, just like betacarotene gives carrots their orange colour!
  • You would have to eat 340grams of wild caught sock-eyed salmon to get a 4mg dose of astaxanthin!
  • Astaxanthin has many health benefits as it is the ultimate anti-oxidant.
  • It is more than 60 times stronger than vitamin C!
  • And hundreds of times more effective than vitamin E
  • Beneficial for eye health as it can pass across the blood brain barrier where vitamin A cannot, therefore providing effective support for the eyes.
  • Helps reduce inflammation in the body therefore may assist with chromic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis
  • Could help improve cardiovascular health
  • Overall anti-aging benefits
  • Has shown to improve reflux symptoms in people that have H.pylori
  • Improves athletic performance by enhancing endurance

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