Making Spring Sensational!


Spring is just around the corner, and now is the time to get your life on track and make it a sensational season!

Here are the TCPA top tips for spring!


1. Change up your fitness routine: Now is the time to start heading outdoors! Try a bootcamp, meet a friend for a run, or head to the local pool!


2. Spring clean! Now this can be applied to almost every aspect of your life: your diet, your house, your Facebook friends list. Take some time to get rid of the things getting you down.


3. Get on the food prep bandwagon! We are all tired at the end of the day and often the last thing we want to do is cook dinner. Make it easy for yourself by setting aside some time on a Sunday to chop, prep and plan!


4. Once you’re sure the spring weather is here to stay, pack away your winter clothes, freeing up more space for you to organise your spring/summer wardrobe.


5. Improve your relaxation routine: whether it be taking 10 minutes out of each day for ‘me time’, committing to a yoga class, or drawing yourself a bath once a week; self care is so important!


6. Schedule, but don’t over-schedule: there’s always temptation to catch up with friends as the day grow longer, but just remember to leave some flexibility in your schedule too!


7. Address those things in the back of the closet: whether it be scheduling dreaded annual check-ups, filing paperwork or clearing your ‘junk drawer’ – just commit to doing it!


8. Make a homemade Air freshener: Sprinkle essential oil on a cotton ball, and stash it in a corner of the room. If you have kids, make sure it is out of their reach as essential oils are very strong and could irritate their skin! We carry a range of essential oils at TCPA!


9. Treat yourself to fresh flowers: nothing brightens up the home more than a fresh bouquet of flowers!

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