Beetroot powder- what it is & a recipe!

Beetroot powder !

The nitrates in beetroot juice have been a ‘must-have’ supplement for endurance athletes and professional sports stars for some time. These nitrates provide energy and boost endurance, but did you know beetroot can also be good for managing blood pressure, supporting detoxification and improving your digestion?

Using this beetroot powder gave my breakfast an extra antioxidant boost, along with with sweetness of beets.

Beetroot Scrambled Eggs with Goat Feta 

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1 tbsp ghee
2 eggs
1/8th cup A2 milk or your could you whatever milk you desire
pinch sea salt
1 tsp beetroot powder
1/2 tbsp goats feta

Whisk eggs, milk & beetroot powder until well combined
Heat a pan over medium heat and melt ghee
Add egg mixture, stirring till cooked
Serve with a side of baby spinach
Sprinkle feta on top


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