Oriental Botanicals and Weightloss

One of our favourite brands here at TCPA is Oriental Botanicals – and we love sharing their products with our Customers. Instore at the moment we are focusing on some of their Fat Burning and Weight Loss products.

First up is their Weight Burn formula – Green Coffee and Green Tea with Thermolean chlorogenic acids 47.5%.

Scientifically tested ingredients that help reduce:

  • body weight
  • Body Fat % and BMI

Works by:

  • Promoting the burning of stored fat for energy
  • Regulating fat and glucose absorption from food
  • Help maintaining healthy fat and sugar metabolism

Next up is Metabolism Excel – Garcinia Cambogia 60% HCA plus Garcinol

  • Assist weight loss*
  • Inhibit appetite
  • Improve lean body mass
  • Promote fat metabolism
  • Support healthy metabolic funtion
Nov 03, 2016

hey i was just wondering does this medication consist of anything other than herbal medications and may i know and side effects with in this medications.

amera albadry

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